Election results for Waltham Abbey Honey Lane

Epping Forest District Council elections - Thursday, 5th May, 2016

Epping Forest District Council election

Waltham Abbey Honey Lane - results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Glynis Shiell Conservative 607 58% Elected
Mitch Diamond-Conway Labour 303 29% Not elected
Linda Johnson-Laird Green Party 144 14% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 1054
Electorate 4671
Number of ballot papers issued 1073
Number of ballot papers rejected 19
Turnout 23%
Share of the votes (%)
Glynis Shiell 58% Elected
Mitch Diamond-Conway 29% Not elected
Linda Johnson-Laird 14% Not elected
Rejected ballot papers
Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty16
Voting for more candidates than the voter was entitled to3
Total rejected19

Any discrepancy between the total number of votes cast and the ballot papers issued is agreed with agents at the count, prior to the declaration of the result.