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Corporate Plan Action Plan Year 2 Performance Report

To consider the attached report.


The Committee considered the Corporate Action Plan (Year 2) Performance Report which set out the Council’s progress on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Programme of works within the Council’s Corporate Objectives.


The Community & Partnership Service Director advised that following the last meeting the report had been updated to incorporate comments received from members, with regards to more clarity being given on each of the KPI’s, the inclusion of mile stones within the work programmes and minor changes to some of the targets.


The Community & Partnership Service Director pointed out the following updates for the corporate objectives;


(1)          Engaging with the changing needs of our customers –


·                     Increased Customer Satisfaction -This should be amber due to the request for the target to be increase from 67% to 80% and the target being achieved being was 75%.

·                     Improved Customer first contact resolution – This needed to be changed to amber as it had not met it’s target of 45%.

·                     Insight & Behaviour – A report would be coming forward on the Digital Inclusion project and the outcomes achieved.


(6)        Provide culture & leisure


·                     Increase new leisure centre attendees year on year – Further detailed information had been incorporated into the KPI, including Direct Debit membership across each leisure centre and casual swimming attendance.


(8)        Keeping the district clean & green


·                     Increase in recycling – This had exceeded the target which had demonstrated that the Council’s publicity had been successful.


(10)      Planning developing priorities


·                     Local plan programme – This needed to be amended to amber due to awaiting the response from the Planning Inspector. Members would be receiving a briefing on the Local Plan on Thursday 17 October 2019.


The Committee commented that (15) Enhancing skills & flexibility of out workforce required amending to amber due to the Corrective Action referring to a delay due to team capacity.


The Committee queried what the ‘Quality Review Panel’ was in reference to the 12. Supporting business enterprise & attracting investment – St John’s Road Programme. The Community & Partnership Service Director advised that she would find out this information and report back to the Committee.


The Committee also commented on the figures in relation to the 6. Provide culture & leisure – Increased cultural activity attendance being very high. The Community & Partnership Service Director advised that these figures related to the recent exhibitions and the ability to view additional information online.


The Customer Services Portfolio Holder asked that the comments section for the previous quarter be updated with the missing information from quarter 1 in relation to 1. Engaging with the changing needs of our customers – Improved Customer first contact resolution.


Finally the Committee requested that any acronyms used in the document should be written in full so that the Committee were immediately aware of what they related to. The Community & Partnership Service Director advised that she would inform the relevant officers to update the report.   




That the Committee noted the second quarter of 2019/20 in relation to the Corporate Action Plan (Year 2) Performance with the inclusion of the comments above and amendments above.   

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