Agenda and minutes

Epping Forest Youth Council
Tuesday, 9th October, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping

Contact: R Perrin Tel: (01992) 564532  Email: Tel: 01992 564532

No. Item


Confirmation of Chairman & Vice-Chairman

To confirm the Chairman and Vice-Chairman for tonight’s meeting.



It was noted that Florence would be the Chairman and Onyeka would be the Vice-Chairman for this meeting.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 101 KB

To confirm the minutes of the last meeting of the Youth Council are correct.




That the minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2018 were correct record subject to the following;


Minute 29. (N20 Canisters) To replace September 2018 with July 2018 in paragraph 4.


Guest Speakers - Essex Police pdf icon PDF 683 KB

The Essex Police would be in attendance. Youth Councillors are asked to think of any questions they have for the Police in relation to the Youth Councils next project about Gang Awareness.



Police Officers from Essex attended to talk to


Youth Councillors about their role and work within the Epping Forest and Harlow area with Operation Raptor.


The Police Officers gave a short presentation on the work they were carrying out within the community to prevent drug and gang related crimes in Epping Forest and Harlow. They explained the importance being be aware of gang cultural, how to recognise the signs and where to go to find help to break the cycle. The Police were there to safeguard the vulnerable people and enforce the law.


People could report issues to the CrimeStoppers anonymously at


Youth Councillors a series of questions regarding drug and gang culture. The Police stressed that information was key to preventing and stopping crimes and the more people did this, the easier it became to build a picture of the issues and how they could catch the offenders.


Youth Councillor Updates

Youth Councillors to report on school issues, achievements, events and training that they have accomplished since the last meeting.


Youth Councillors updated each other on school issues, achievements, events and training since the last meeting.


·                     Braeside Independent School – Jessica advised the school council was being set up alongside a charity committee.

·                     Chigwell School – Chris advised that the drugs had been completed and would be presented Youth Councillors at a future meeting.

·                     Davenant Foundation – Archie, Eleanor and Adam advised that school councils had held elections, pupils were learning about Black History month, had held a coffee morning to raise funds for Macmillan and that the sixth form had created a debating society.

·                     Debden Park – a Macmillan coffee morning had been held and a Halloween event had been arranged in the library for pupils to make friends.

·                     St John’s Epping – Nina advised that the suggestion box was still not available, Marley had met with the Head teacher and they had also held a Macmillian coffee morning.

·                     The Ongar Academy – Harriette advised that the school council had met and an event had been held between year 7 pupils and tutors.

·                     Roding Valley High School – Raaj advised that the school had hosted the opening day, year 10 and 11 students had been involved in drop down days for study skills and the Brooke Building had been opened which included 4 classrooms and a new library.

·                     West Hatch – Arjun advised that the school had completed the ballot papers for the Youth Parliament ‘Make Your Mark’ debate. They had hosted their opening evening and they were putting on a Christmas production of ‘Elf’.

·                     Trinity – Suzannah advised that the school had taken part in an ambassador day.


Drugs Project

Following the previous meeting and the discussion on N20 canisters and the drug survey Councillor Wixley will be attending for an update.


A draft copy of the drugs report will be circulated to Youth Councillors.


This item had been deferred to the next meeting.


Event Feedback

Youth Councillors to feedback on any events that they have attended in relation to the Youth Council since the last meeting.


Singing in the Wilderness – Eleanor and Arjun attended a special event that celebrated the life and works of local artist Walter Spradbery. The event was hosted by the Council’s Museums, Heritage and Culture team and was held at St John’s C of E Primary School, Buckhurst Hill.


Communities Select Committee – Chris advised that he had attended the committee which discussed the Councils response to two important Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government consultation regarding the a “new deal for social housing” and “use of receipts from Right to buy sales”.


EFYC 2016/18 Farewell

This will be the last Youth Council meeting for the 2016-2018 co-hort. This is an opportunity for Youth Councillors to comment on their Term of Office.



Di thanked the Youth Council cohort 2016/18 for their contribution to the Youth Council and work they had produced over their term of office. She wished them all success in their future endeavours and they could always keep in touch.


Gaby and Gill both contributed to the praise giving to the 2016/18 cohort and what they had achieved.


Youth Councillors handed Di a booklet created by them with photographs and messages from the Youth Councillors.


Submission forms

To consider any new submission forms received and to give updates on any previous submission form.


Di advised that the following requests had been put forward;


a)            Young Essex Assembly – A future date was to be arranged.

b)            Equal Arts Hen Power project – Youth Councillors interested in this project would need to live near North Weald and contact Di/Paula on Whatsapp if they were interested.  

c)            Councillor Wixley – He would like to attend a future meeting when the Youth Council discuss the drugs survey.


Any Other Business

(a)          Notices by Diane;

(b)          Notices by Paula;

(c)          Notices by Gaby;

(d)          Any other Notices; and

(e)          Youth Councillor Notices.


(a)                  Notices by Di;


Christmas Social – Youth Councillors were asked to considered ideas for the Christmas social and WhatsApp’s ideas. The date had been confirmed for Tuesday 4th December 2018.


(b)                  Notices by Gaby;


Attendance – Gaby advised that Paula would be handing out confirmation on each Youth Councillors attendance. Youth Councillors were required to attended at least 50% of meetings and this was set out in the Youth Council’s Constitution, which would be discussed at the next meeting.


(c)                  Youth Councillor Notices;


Plastic Water Bottles – Arjun put forward a motion for the Youth Councillors to use reusable water bottles instead of disposable water bottles going forward.


Youth Councillors discussed the merits of this motion and that they currently used reusable bottles within schools so this could be an option to help towards saving the planet.


Gill advised that the Leisure and Communities Service could potentially supply Youth Councillors with their first reusable bottle.


Beckie advised that jugs and glasses could be provided to Youth Councillors who had forgotten their reusable bottles.






1.            That from 9 October 2018 Youth Councillors meetings and training evenings would not require plastic bottled water; and


2.            That Youth Councillors would bring reusable water bottles to future meetings and events.



Date of Next Meeting

To note that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6 November 2018 at 19.00 – 21.00 at the Civic Offices.


To note that the next meeting would be held on Tuesday 6 November 2018.